Broadband 2022 Legislation in WY: Encourage Your Legislators to Support Increased Broadband

This election season, we want to encourage you to encourage your legislators to support increased broadband. Here at Visionary, we’re on a mission to bring the fastest connection possible to residents, businesses, and towns and cities across the west. That’s why Visionary is installing the fastest internet every day across Wyoming.? We’re continually updating to the latest ultra-fast technology.

With roughly 9 out of 10 adults in America using the internet, many consider it to be a necessity of modern life. Because access to the internet is unavailable or inadequate in parts of the country, states and the federal government are focusing on deploying broadband—the technologies that allow internet data to be transmitted at high speeds—as universally as possible.

In 2020, the Wyoming Business Council received $100 million in CARES funding for a broadband expansion initiative. The business council ultimately approved 37 applications totaling roughly $86 million. The federal dollars required projects to be completed by the end of 2020, forcing some providers to return funds or decline grants. 

Some 12,421 homes and 612 businesses were connected to broadband service through the deployment of CARES act funding, according to the Wyoming Business Council.

“Last year’s CARES [Act funds] just felt like an amazing opportunity to really bring broadband to nooks and crannies that weren’t going to get that attention otherwise,”  Stacie McDonald, our vice president of public relations here at Visionary Broadband, said. Here at Visionary, a 28-year-old company based in Gillette, we completed roughly $17 million worth of projects over 7 Wyoming counties in 77 business days through the business council’s ConnectWY program. 


Below, you can explore Wyoming’s current broadband legislation.