JUNE 3, 2024 – Visionary Broadband Matches $2.01 Million in Grant Funding to Provide Residents and Business Owners of Gillette, Wyoming Access to High-Speed, Reliable Internet

GILLETTE, WY – Nearly 1,400 homes and businesses in and around Gillette— Wyoming’s third largest city—are about to receive new and upgraded internet service.
The joint project between the state of Wyoming, the federal government, and Visionary Broadband
started the third week of May, with fiber construction expected to be completed by December 31st of
this year.
When completed, 1,388 homes and businesses that are currently underserved, or not served at all, will
be the recipients of state-of-the-art fiber internet service, the kind of service necessary to thrive
economically in today’s world.
The Gillette build is divided into three projects. Combined, the overall cost is expected to be $6.17
million, with Visionary providing $2.01 million of their own money to help complete the build-out.
Visionary CEO Brian Worthen noted the importance of the company’s personal investment in addition to
the grant funding. “We contributed our own monies intentionally, to show how serious we are building
out rural connectivity and doing the right thing for the communities we serve.”
The Gillette-area projects are the latest effort by Visionary to provide the Intermountain West with what
it needs to be competitive in today’s economy. “Visionary takes great pride in being able to help our
friends and neighbors in the West become players in today’s fast-paced and demanding world,”
Worthen said. “This project will provide Gillette, long known as the energy capital of the west, with yet
another tool necessary to continue that tradition.”
The Gillette build will provide service to the following neighborhoods and areas in and around Gillette:
HPCC Morning Side and Southern build, which includes known areas including the following:

  • Southern Drive Industrial Park
  • WCW Subdivision
  • Winland Industrial Park
  • Mohan Subdivision
  • Oil Field Subdivision
  • Robertson Industrial Park

The Freedom Hills Build, will be in the following neighborhoods:

  • Silver Hills
  • Cedar Hills
  • Freedom Hills
  • Quail Meadows
  • Covenant Subdivision
  • Golden Meadows

The Gold Drive Powder River build will include the following subdivisions:

  • Wrangler Estates
  • Maul Subdivision
  • McKenney Subdivision
  • Wright Subdivision
  • Means Subdivision
  • M&M Subdivision
  • Carter Subdivision
  • North Hannum Estates
  • Hannum Road Industrial Park
  • Prairie View Subdivision
  • Champion Ventures Subdivision

Government funding for the project comes from the American Rescue Plan, a part of the federal
government’s coronavirus recovery efforts. It provides money for local and state governments to build
critical infrastructure in communities across the country. All projects must be completed by December
31, 2026 in order to receive full funding.
About Visionary Broadband:
Visionary was founded in 1994 in Gillette, Wyoming. It has quickly become the leader in providing state-of-the-art online service to rural and remote communities in the Intermountain West. It currently
operates in Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico and Montana. The company has developed the technical
and human expertise necessary to get reliable high-speed internet service into the most remote
communities in the contiguous United States and in the country’s most rugged terrain. To learn more
visit, https://www.vcn.com/