Managed Router Conditions

Visionary’s Managed WiFi Router service offers a wireless router that delivers high strength signals to the WiFi devices within your home or business. With this service, Visionary Broadband Staff have remote router visibility and will offer remote support at no additional cost for all common router challenges, including:

  • Setup of new WiFi devices
  • WiFi settings
  • Internet settings
  • Firewall settings
  • Port Forwarding
  • Troubleshooting speeds
  • Automatic installation of security updates
  • Warranty replacement of router

The term of this Agreement is the same as your Internet Service, and begins the day your Managed Router is installed or delivered.

Customer agrees to pay a one-time Setup Fee of $25.00 and a $12.00 monthly fee throughout the term of this agreement. If Managed WiFi is ordered with a new installation, Visionary Broadband installs the router for just the $25.00 setup fee. If Managed WiFi is being added to an existing account, the router may be picked up from a Visionary Broadband office or can be shipped directly to the Customer. If the router fails or goes bad, it must be returned to Visionary Broadband for a replacement. Additional charges may apply if Customer requests on-site replacement. All equipment provided by Visionary Broadband will at all times remain the property of Visionary Broadband. Customer may not sell, transfer, lease or encumber the Visionary Broadband Equipment to any third party.

With regard to such equipment, Customer agrees:

  • To use the equipment only for the purpose of a Managed Router service with a Visionary Broadband Internet account. This router cannot be used with any other Internet service provider or for any other purpose.
  • To keep the WiFi password secure and only available for use within the immediate household or business that is subscribing to both Visionary Broadband Internet and Managed WiFi.
  • To prevent all unauthorized connections or use of the Managed WiFi.
  • To prevent tampering, altering or repair of the equipment by any person other than agents of Visionary Broadband.
  • To assume complete financial responsibility for damage or loss of such equipment regardless of cause, including:
  • Physical Damage
  • Damage from liquids of spills
  • Damage from pets or animals
  • Damage from environmental conditions
  • Damage from power surges
  • Additional damage while the router is in the Customer's control.
  • For damage while the router is in the Customer's control, Customer agrees to replace the router at a cost of $199.00.
  • To authorize agents of Visionary Broadband to remotely access and manage router on Customers behalf.
  • Remote Support is offered 8am to 5pm, M-F. Additional Support may also be available.
  • To grant reasonable access to agents of Visionary Broadband to service, replace and retrieve said equipment.
  • To return the equipment in good condition within five (5) days of canceling Internet Service with Visionary Broadband. In the event the equipment is not returned to Visionary Broadband in good condition, Customer agrees to pay an “Unreturned Equipment Fee” of $199.00 for each Wireless Router not returned.
  • The Managed Router return address is: Visionary Broadband, 1001 S Douglas Hwy, Suite 201, Gillette, WY 82716.