What is Wireless Internet?

Visionary’s wireless internet uses radios to connect you to the internet. Designed for this purpose, each radio both transmits and receives signal to provide you with a fast connection. Our standard wireless services can deliver speeds up to 250Mbps for residential and business. Custom wireless solutions for higher bandwidth are available upon request.

The radio and dish are mounted to the user’s home or business and aimed at a service tower. An ethernet cable is then ran into the home or business and provides the user with a connection to plug into their computer or router. Static IP addresses are available for purchase for both residential and business customers.

Visionary has placed service towers in each community (often served with multiple towers) to provide customers with the best coverage possible. To receive wireless Internet, you must have direct line of sight to the tower. Please refer to the Service Maps section to view our coverage areas.

Request a line-of-sight using our form to see if you can get wireless internet!