Important Notice: End of Life for "Howie Filter" Service

Dear Valued Customer,

We hope this email finds you well. We are writing to inform you about an important update regarding our legacy "Howie Filter" email spam filtering service.

After a steady decline in interest of Howie Filter service, we are sad to inform you that it’s being discontinued. Therefore, we have set a date for the complete shutdown of the service, which will be November 1st 2023 (11/01/2023).

We understand that spam filtering is essential for a seamless email experience, and we want to ensure a smooth transition for you.

To minimize any disruption to your email workflow, you will update your current MX records to point all new incoming emails directly to your current email provider unless you request otherwise. If your DNS for your domain is hosted elsewhere, you will need to login to your DNS management portal and update your MX record(s) prior to 11/01/2023, this way you can continue to receive emails going forward. Otherwise reach out to our customer support team and they can assist you with the DNS changes.

If your current email provider has a firewall rule implemented that restricts emails to only be allowed to come from our servers, then you will need to contact their customer support to open that firewall rule to accept new incoming mail from the world prior to that date.

For long term solutions we recommend one of the following two options:
  1. Enable Spam Filtering with Your Current Email Provider: Most email service providers offer built-in spam filtering functionality. We encourage you to explore the spam filtering options provided by your current email provider. They may have advanced spam protection features that can be activated or configured to meet your requirements. Please reach out to their customer support if you need assistance with enabling or optimizing spam filtering.
  2. Find an Alternative Spam Filtering Provider: There are numerous reliable third-party spam filtering services available in the market today. We suggest exploring these alternatives to find a solution that best suits your needs. A quick search online will provide you with a range of options. Make sure to consider factors such as pricing, features, ease of integration, and customer reviews before making a decision.

We understand that change can be inconvenient, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. However, this decision allows us to focus on providing you with more advanced and future-proof services.

If you have any questions or concerns about this transition, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team here or (307) 682-1884. We are here to assist you and ensure a smooth transition.

We appreciate your understanding and support as we move forward. Thank you for your trust in our services over the years, and we look forward to continuing to serve you in other capacities.

Best regards,
Visionary Broadband