Why Is Fiber So Important?

When most of us think of the internet, we don’t think about much more than connection. However, for companies like Visionary Broadband, the internet is all about the quality of the product connecting you to the world. Visionary has been committed to providing the highest quality internet to customers since 1994. The definition of what “the best internet product” is has evolved over the decades. 

Faster Than Wireless And Cable

Fiber is truly a breakthrough in connection and reliability. As we shared in last month’s blog, fiber is faster than wireless and cable internet. It offers the same download and upload speeds. While 5G service expands on our phones and tablets, scholars and economists often point out that a fast phone or tablet connection does not provide the same economic improvements as reliable broadband. One of the major reasons Visionary continues to partner with local, state, and federal entities on fiber expansion is to bring this quality internet connection to places where it was previously too costly.

The Challenges With Fiber

The greatest challenge with fiber is bringing fiber lines out to rural communities from urban centers. 

“As a general rule, fiber construction takes 6 to 10 months for a network to become operational, after the beginning of a build-out. However, the construction timeline for a new fiber optic network varies depending upon the number of route miles to be constructed, the number of homes or premises targeted for connection to the network, and the general deployment of the network.” www.dgtlinfra.com

The challenges are more dynamic in communities across the intermountain west. Currently, fiber internet is available to, “only about 25% of US residents. . . [M]ost are in big metropolitan areas.” www.hp.com. We think it is important that everyone has quality internet to connect their home, business, or organization to the world. The scenery and rugged landscapes that make our communities beautiful also add unique challenges to fiber expansion. 

Our Commitment To Wyoming and Colorado

At the end of the day, Visionary is committed to bringing the best internet to the West. We have never shied away from a challenge in our nearly 30-year history. In the coming weeks, we will bring you an up-close look at some of our fiber construction projects in Wyoming and Colorado.