When Fiber Comes to Your Neighborhood

Visionary fiber is coming to more homes and businesses in Wyoming and Colorado every day. This summer, we shared a fiber update and released a video about our fiber construction process. Today we want to talk about how fiber comes to your home or business and what to expect. 

Step 1: Bringing fiber to town.

Visionary has fiber in dozens of communities across Wyoming and Colorado. It is the first step to getting fiber to your town. After analyzing the existing infrastructure, we start constructing and adding fiber lines through your town via access vaults and public right-of-ways to bring fiber to the hub. Once there, we start building lines out to the boxes in your neighborhood. Once the network is constructed and testing is complete, it is time to start the home or business installation process. Network completion can take several weeks to several months. However, once the process is complete, your community will be on the Visionary Broadband Figure-8 system providing fast, reliable internet.  The Figure-8 system consists of two 100-gig rings coming into and out of your community, creating significant network capacity and ensuring that the network runs if something happens to one of the rings.

Step 2: From the Network to Your Home or Business

Once fiber internet connected to the box in your neighborhood, our team begins constructing lines from those boxes to your home or business. We also let the neighborhood know that fiber is coming through print materials like door hangers and post cards, social media, and email marketing. 

This is often called a “drop.” Depending on the community’s infrastructure, this might involve placing aerial or underground fiber cables to a network interface device (NID) box outside your home or business.  Next, the Visionary splicing team completes the final connection of the network to you. Any ground that is disturbed will be restored to original condition.

Though this may seem like a lot of steps, once your home or business is connected to fiber, you do not have go through this process again. If there is a system update or a technology upgrade, you will not have to dig again.