What’s the Big Deal About Fiber?

We bet you are wondering, “why does it seem everyone is talking about Fiber internet?” Today’s article will break down why Visionary is building fiber across Wyoming, Colorado, and Montana and why fiber is one of the best options for consumers. 

What is fiber internet? How is it different from DSL, Cable Internet, or Wireless?

“Put simply, fiber optic technology is the single fastest method of delivering high-speed Internet access to commercial businesses and individual residences alike.” CordCutting.com. Fiber internet uses fiber optic lines—lines made of small fibers of glass—to transfer data at the speed of light. It is light rather than electricity that is being transferred, which accounts for fiber internet’s lightning-fast speed. Forbes. Fiber is faster than DSL because DSL uses your phone line to connect to the internet and transfer data. Forbes

Cable internet uses cable wires to provide internet connection. These wires are typically the same wires employed by your TV service. Cable internet is faster than DSL, with download speeds between 100 and 300 megabits per second. Forbes. Fiber is cheaper than cable and is faster than cable. 

Fiber is better because fiber internet offers upload speeds that are much faster than those of both DSL and cable internet. Fiber does not contain any copper wire (like that found in coaxial cable) so your connection won’t get interrupted by weather or electrical interference.

Fiber is an individualized, point-to-point connection which means your neighbor’s usage won’t affect your speeds. That’s a huge benefit of Fiber in crowded areas, especially during “peak use” hours. 

As we build our fiber network, we are still bringing the internet to communities via wireless broadband. Wireless connections are built through radio towers. Wireless broadband does not require a physical wire to connect to the internet. In many remote parts of Wyoming, Colorado, and Montana, wireless is a quick connection solution as we continue to expand our fiber infrastructure.

Where does Visionary have fiber?

Visionary now has fiber available in:


Construction is underway in:

CasperCanon City
CheyenneLake City
LanderPagosa Springs

Learn more about Visionary and what services we offer in your area today and in the future!