Visionary Broadband Will Not Cap Your Data

PC Magazine recently reported that SpaceX, the Starlink satellite internet provider, capped internet speeds based on data consumption. The cap is set at 1TB per month. Once residential users hit the cap, they will need to pay $.25 per each additional GB used. Starlink is also reducing the advertised speed for Starlink RV and the Starlink Best Effort.

How much is 1TB? It is a lot, but for individuals and families working, playing, and learning online, this is bad news. From PC Magazine:

The upcoming change promises to restore broadband quality to Starlink when some users across the US have been experiencing drastically slower speeds. “Starlink is a finite resource that will continue to grow as we launch additional satellites,” the company wrote in the policy document. “To serve the greatest number of people with high-speed internet, we must manage the network to balance Starlink supply with user demand.”

PC Magazine, Michael Kan, “Starlink Sets High-Speed Data Cap at 1TB Per Month, Lowers Advertised Speeds,” November 4th, 2022

In a time when internet providers like Starlink, AT&T, and others are capping data, Visionary Broadband wants to remind customers that we do not cap data usage for our customers.  At Visionary Broadband, all customers receive the same fast and resilient high-speed internet.

Visionary is committed to ensuring all our customers have internet access when and where they need it. When you need us, we’re here – with tech support available 365 days a year.?

Visionary is installing high-speed internet in more Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming communities daily. We’re continually updating to the latest technology. 

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