Quality Internet in Rural Communities

Visionary has been working on connecting rural communities in Wyoming, Colorado and Montana for nearly 30 years. We currently provide high-speed internet to 116 communities across the Intermountain West. 

Connectivity matters, not just smartphones, but internet access at home and in communities. 1 in 4 rural Americans has problems accessing broadband. Many folks in rural communities don’t have basic access to internet. Broadbandnow.com ranks Wyoming 43rd in internet coverage, speed and availability. Furthermore, approximately 674,000 Coloradans and 258,00 Montanans lack access to basic speeds.

This connectivity gap has real-world negative consequences for rural residents. A 2020 Michigan State University found that students without internet access performed worse on standardized tests compared to students with internet access. This performance gap, “exists regardless of differences in socioeconomic status . . . family income or parental education . . .” The Brooking Institute’s 2020 Rural Broadband Equity Project found that, “broadband expansion increases income, lowers unemployment rates, creates jobs, and makes communities healthier.”

Clearly, this is some of the most important work of our time. That’s why Visionary Broadband is committing $100 million in infrastructure in rural communities across Wyoming, Colorado, and Montana. We currently are building additional fiber internet infrastructure in Casper, Cheyenne, and Gillette, Wyoming, with go-live dates starting in Q2 of 2023 for residential customers. Fiber is now available for customers in Dayton, Ranchester, Lusk, Yoder, La Grange, and Torrington, WY.

Follow Visionary’s journey to connect the Intermountain West. We will regularly update our website with the next available fiber-connected community. You can also check here to see if Visionary Broadband internet is available in your area.