Keeping Your Home Internet Safe with Worry Free Wi-Fi from Visionary

We all know how important internet connectivity is for work and play. Keeping your home internet network safe from hackers and malware is critical for your privacy, financial security, and safety. 

From the U.S. National Security Agency

“Your router is the gateway into your home network. Without proper security and patching, it is more likely to be compromised, which can lead to the compromise of other devices on the network as well. To minimize vulnerabilities and improve security, the routing devices on your home network should be updated to the latest patches, preferably through automatic updates. These devices should also be replaced when they reach end-of-life (EOL) for support. This ensures that all devices can continue to be updated and patched as vulnerabilities are discovered.” 

National Security Agency, “Best Practices for Securing Your Home Network,” Cyber Security Information Sheet, February 2023. 

Visionary offers a Worry-Free Wi-Fi Bundle for all our internet customers. This bundle includes our managed router, which takes the hassle and worry out of your home network security. Our service provides regular security updates and patches, firewall and settings management, and easy customer support when you need technical assistance. In addition to regular security monitoring and updates, the managed router works with all Visionary services. Off-the-shelf routers are not always compatible and customers often do not realize this until their internet is running slow. Your Visionary managed router brings fast, reliable internet to your home. 

Beyond the ease and peace of mind that Visionary managed routers provide, these routers work with our Visionary App (available on Google Play and Apple App Store). Protect IQ puts network management at the touch of a button on your mobile device or tablet. You can monitor usage, run speed tests, and add devices. For parents and guardians, Protect IQ allows you to set screen time limits, sensor harmful websites and content per device, and provides security alerts. 

If you are already a Visionary customer, make sure you have the managed router and the Visionary app. Don’t have the app or the device? Call (888.682.1884) or email us ( today to get your router. We have payment plans available. 

Home internet network security is a must in our modern world. Visionary makes it easy and affordable to keep your network safe and reliable.