Is Your Router Holding You Back?

You’ve got high-speed internet but it isn’t feeling FAST. As you’re power cycling your router, have a quick peek at that dusty, blinking box. Could you be suffering from old, dusty router syndrome?!

If you purchased your router in the last few years, you might want to consider if an aged router is the issue. 

First, test the speed from the router. You can test your internet speeds at, and if the speeds aren’t within the advertised range, the issue might lie with your router. 

You can quickly check your router function by plugging a device like a laptop directly into the router using an ethernet cable. If your device performance doesn’t improve, you might have a problem. You can work through troubleshooting your router through Visionary’s technical support 365 days a year. We’re here for you.

If a new router is the answer, you can purchase one of several kinds online or from a local big box retailer. But, how to choose from the many offerings? What’s right for your home size and usage needs?

Take the worry and headache out of this dilemma and use Visionary Broadband’s Worry-Free Wi-Fi program. Included is our managed router, which is guaranteed to work on our system. We can assist you every day to add devices, manage settings, and perform security updates. You don’t need to understand “tech speak” to use your router because our team is here to handle your network and troubleshooting needs from our service offices in Wyoming and Colorado.

If it’s time for a new router, consider our managed router program and get back to work and play.