Break Up With Cable

Ready to ditch cable and save some money?

Visionary Broadband is here to help. 

Breaking up with expensive cable packages starts with reliable, high-speed internet. That’s where Visionary comes in. We offer customers in Wyoming and Colorado high-speed internet. Visionary is your first stop on the road to freedom. 

Kelly Woo with Tom’s Guide explains in her article “I cut the cord a year ago — here’s how much I saved and what I’ve learned” from July 2022 that cable/internet bundles can cost up to $200 per month. Throw in landline phones and subscription services, and things can get really expensive really quickly. 

With a reliable service provider like Visionary, you can save on internet costs and have reliable access to your favorite streaming services like Sling, Roku, and specialty services like Disney+ and Apple TV. Ms. Woo opted for Sling, “which costs $50 per month and comes with all 47 channels they offer and 50 hours of cloud DVR.”  

The most important step is an affordable, reliable internet service. Check here to see if Visionary is available in your area. 

Tom’s Guide can help with the rest. From “Cut the cord: Your guide to canceling cable and streaming TV online”

  • Invest in an HD antenna. Your local broadcast networks are very expensive to carry, so cut the middle man while you cut the cord. The best TV antennas will let you watch all of your favorite network TV stations live, in high definition, with no cost beyond the antenna itself.
  • Consider cable TV alternatives. The best cable TV alternatives are perfect for reluctant cord-cutters. They’re almost the same thing as having a traditional cable or satellite subscription — but at a lower price. Sling TV and Philo are the cheapest.
  • Pick the best streaming device for your needs. Every streaming device has pros and cons. Consider whether you need 4K resolution, fancy remote controls, or the ability to play games. (The Roku Streaming Stick 4K is our current top pick.)
  • Check your smart TV. Yes, you may not need a standalone streamer or any additional hardware at all, as most smart TVs offer dozens of streaming services.

Subscribe to the best streaming services. Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu and Amazon Video provide vast libraries of classic movies and TV, as well as lots of original content. Peacock, Paramount Plus and AMC Plus are decent options too.

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