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Visionary began operation in 1994, building one of Wyoming's first private IP-based networks. We served our network using technologies such as Frame-Relay and ATM, and cut our teeth on T1s and on to fiber-based services. Visionary is a leader in business connectivity in Wyoming and the surrounding states and currently provisions data connections in the lower 48 states.

Our experience in operating our network translates into a thorough understanding of your Internet and data needs. From DSL to T1, from Microwave to Metro Ethernet, Visionary has the staff and the tools to drive your data network. We maintain more than 6,000 circuits from our office, servicing the network with our staff.

Business owners and decision-makers that understand the value of technology can work alongside Visionary to create extensive private networks, specialized Internet connections and customized point-to-point options. Our goal is to work with your staff to arrive at the most appropriate, serviceable network option for you.

Visionary's hosting options are highly personalized, whether focused on email hosting, website hosting or server leasing and collocation. Our staff will help you find a domain and will assist you in harnessing the power of the Internet to market your business.

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