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Visionary Expands Wireless in Ranchester
RANCHESTER — Ranchester Town Council voted Tuesday to lease town property located at the town’s water tank to Visionary Communications in order for the company to install a tower that will potentially increase access to wireless Internet in the area.

Visionary uses microwave radios to provide wireless broadband Internet access.

The property will be leased for $100 per month, Town Councilman Peter Clark said.

Also at the meeting, council members voted to deny a building permit for Drew Redinger, developer of the new Stoneridge Meadows subdivision near the proposed site for a new elementary school in Ranchester.

Clark said since the subdivision isn’t completed yet, the Council couldn’t issue any building permits. Redinger was not at the meeting to discuss his request for a permit, so Councilman Chris Bernard made a motion to deny it. Clark said in the past when Redinger has been close to finishing a subdivision, the Council would sometimes issue a building permit in anticipation of completion. However, Clark said there is a lot of work yet to be done on the subdivision before lots should be sold.

In other business, the Council discussed a recent request made by the Wyoming Department of Transportation for the town to obtain a permit for a sign located at the Acme interstate exit.

Clark said the yellow sign that says, “Welcome to Ranchester,” has been located at exit 16 for nearly 60 years. Formerly, it advertised the Big Horn Coal Company but was donated to the town of Ranchester about 10 years ago. A merchant group painted the sign and it has sat in the same location since.

However, WYDOT has said it is within 625 feet of its highway right-of-way and thus must be permitted. The town must now figure out who owns the sign, what the area’s zoning is, and if the Sheridan County Commission approves of it in order to obtain a permit from WYDOT.

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