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Now serving Chugwater, Guernsey, Pinedale and Torrington with broadband
Visionary has announced expansion of its broadband platform into Chugwater, Guernsey, Pinedale and Torrington as part of an early Summer round of upgrades on its network. The project will also enhance coverage in Cheyenne, Douglas and Wheatland, WY.

Visionary's broadened coverage to these communities provide rural customers with a choice of Internet provider. The company is using licensed microwave back to fiber aggregation points to integrate those locations into its Wyoming network. Historically, Chugwater, Guernsey, Pinedale and Torrington are island markets, with high fiber costs and non-optimal routing to the rest of the state. Visionary's plan allows services in these four communities to tie into any other community in Wyoming, and even the surrounding Rocky Mountain region.

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