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Sending or receiving Internet email

article Received Large Number of Delivery Failure Notices
If you received a large quantity of delivery failure notifications in your email inbox, there are two main potential explanations: Your virus software is up to date and your computer is not...

  June 18, 2004    Views: 19606   
article Go180 Mail Client Configuration
Setting up your EmailWhen setting up a mail client on your own computer, you may be asked to fill in some details about your email account. Below are some of the details, which may be asked....

  September 1, 2015    Views: 7498   
article VCN Mail Client Configuration
Setting up your EmailWhen setting up a mail client on your own computer, you may be asked to fill in some details about your email account. Below are some of the details, which may be asked. Simply...

  February 17, 2016    Views: 3813   
article Setting up Email on an iPhone
*Notice: this article was created for your convenience. We do not support mobile devices.*Below are the instructions on how to setup your email on your iPhone. These instructions were made based...

  September 17, 2015    Views: 3533   
article Error 0x800CCC0D
Problem: When you try to send or receive email, you get an error message. It says the error number is 0x800ccc0D.Solution: This error is basically saying that your computer cannot connect to the...

  May 11, 2005    Views: 38492   
article My E-Mail Program Crashes When I Click on a Message
Problem: Your computer locks up (freezes) when you click on a message. You may get a box that says Outlook Express is not responding. You can't delete the message, because whenever you click on it,...

  March 9, 2005    Views: 13392   
article How to log into webmail
Log into webmail from the Visionary webpage:Go to the login box on the webmail from the dropdown. In the e-mail/username field, type your full email address (i.e....

  November 20, 2008    Views: 10926   
article Setup Auto Reply (Through My Account)
Auto Reply: You can setup auto replying if you want to automatically send an email back to anyone who sends you one. This is useful in case you go on vacation or are away from the office. Go...

  July 11, 2004    Views: 9979   
article Setting up Email on the Apple iPhone
Problem: You want to access your Visionary email account on the Apple iPhone.Solution: Configure the iPhone to check your Visionary email account using IMAP. Tap Settings Tap Mail Tap Add Account...

  April 22, 2008    Views: 9198   
article Cannot Send Email, Prompted for Password?
Visionary Communications, Inc. recently increased the security of our email servers to reduce risk from spam mailers and viruses/worms.� Unfortunately, some customers are now prompted for a...

  May 21, 2004    Views: 8893   
article How to Export an Outlook or Outlook Express Address Book
If you are having problems exporting your address book for Outlook or Outlook Express then you could try the steps below.1. You can click Start on your windows machine (located at the lower left...

  May 24, 2005    Views: 8710   
article How to Stop Getting "Visionary Detected Potential..." Messages
Problem: Every day, or maybe multiple times a day, you receive a message from Visionary Communications Support <> with the subject "Visionary Communications Detected...

  March 23, 2005    Views: 7333   
article Setting up Outlook 2007
Outlook 2007 is part of the Office 2007 suite offered by Microsoft. The setup procedure is similar to Outlook 2003 but it differs in the following aspects.Outlook 2003 | Outlook 2007Email...

  February 2, 2009    Views: 6984   
article Setup your email client to leave mail on the server
By default, email clients remove messages from our server as they are downloaded.  This can be prevented by enabling an option to leave a copy of messages on the server.For Outlook Express:Open...

  November 20, 2008    Views: 6953   
article How to only receive email from specified email addresses
Using the blacklist and whitelist features of Howie Filter, you can block email from all senders except for those listed in your whitelist. Login to Howie Filter:Go to your...

  November 13, 2008    Views: 6672   
article Error 550 - Relay Access Denied
Problem: Getting the response host[] said: 550 5.1.1<mailto:'address you are sending to'>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in relay'recipient table (in...

  July 30, 2010    Views: 5621   
article Problems sending mail due to SPF
Why you can't send mailLet's suppose that you are 'Sender A' on the flow chart. You send mail as to the same way you would any other subscriber. Your...

  February 22, 2012    Views: 4938   


category Eudora (4)
Using and fixing problems with the e-mail client Eudora
category General (21)
Email settings and issues common to most programs
category Incredimail (3)
Playful e-mail client for Windows, with features such as animated emoticons (smileys) and a graphics library.
category Mac (14)
Help for the various e-mail programs available for Macintosh
category Netscape (3)
category Other (0)
Email using other programs; e.g. Eudora.
category Outlook (15)
Outlook 97, 98, 2000, 2002, 2003
category Outlook Express (24)
Microsoft email and newsgroup program
category Thunderbird (4)
Open Source email client from the Mozilla Foundation
category Turn Off Email Scanning (6)
How to disable scanning in various anti-virus and anti-spam programs
category Webmail (6)
Visionary's Web-based mail service