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VoIP documentation, guides and troubleshooting information

article Activating Voice Features
Voice Feature Codes Unconditional Call Forwarding To forward calls to another number when you are away: 1. Before you leave, dial *72 (1172 on a rotary phone). 2. Dial the number where you...

  September 14, 2012    Views: 5397   
article What is Voice over IP (VoIP)
What is Voice over IP? Voice Over IP is phone service over a broadband internet connection. Instead of paying for a phone line, you can just pay for an internet connection and VoIP service....

  February 2, 2005    Views: 8408   
article What do I need to get Voice Service though Visionary?
Do you need to keep an existing phone number? We can do that. The only requirements for quality assurance purposes are:You need to be on a Visionary provided Internet service with a speed...

  September 14, 2012    Views: 4735   
article Installation
Once the date/time have been scheduled, the SPA will be given to the installer.The installer needs to unhook inside wiring from the DMARC. Plug the phone cable into a wall jack or phone and...

  September 14, 2012    Views: 3636   
article Voice Troubleshooting
There are three types of possible issues with Voice service. Physical Connection ProblemsSoftware ProblemsHardware ProblemsPhysical Connection Problems:Remember that Voice Service relies 100% on...

  September 14, 2012    Views: 3240   
article What features do I get with Voice?
Features of Residential Service: Caller IDCall waitingCall forwardingVoicemailFollow meWhite page listing911 Emergency servicesAnonymous call rejection2000 Long distance minutes per line, $0.15...

  September 14, 2012    Views: 3225   
article What is an ATA?
ATA is an acronym for analog telephone adapter, a piece of hardware which is used to connect a standard telephone to a computer or network enabling the user to make calls over the Internet....

  September 14, 2012    Views: 2663