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Digital Subscriber Line service

article Computer Keeps Trying to Dial Up with DSL Connection.
If you have DSL and your computer keeps trying to dial up, follow these steps.Open Internet ExplorerClick ToolsClick Internet OptionsSelect the Connections tab.Select Never Dial a...

  August 9, 2004    Views: 13822   
article DSL Definition
What is DSL? DSL, or Digital Subscriber Line, is an internet connection that enters your home or business on a phone line. ADSL rides an existing voice line, meaning that once an order is...

  April 28, 2004    Views: 12281   
article Weather and Interference Effects on DSL
Weather:In some areas rain and other weather can cause DSL service to degrade or cease working. In these circumstances, water may get into the lines, demarcation box, or pedestal, causing...

  July 28, 2004    Views: 10527   
article All lights are ok, but still cannot browse
If the Link/DSL light, the Internet Light (Actiontec only) and the LAN/Ethernet lights are all green and the customer is still unable to get on the internet there may be problems with their...

  December 29, 2004    Views: 7228   
article Reachability issues in the same IP Subnet with bridged DSL
If you are having problems reaching another bridged Visionary DSL customer whose IP address is in the same subnet as yours, it could be due to the bridging method we are using. This bridging...

  May 12, 2005    Views: 5501   
article Switching from Extreme to Beyond Extreme DSL
To switch from Extreme DSL to Beyond Extreme DSL, you must first call our business office and let them know that you would like to switch.When you switch from Extreme DSL to Beyond Extreme DSL,...

  April 11, 2006    Views: 4935   


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Configuring and troubleshooting Actiontec DSL routers
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Configuring and troubleshooting Cisco DLS routers
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General DSL Troubleshooting Guides & Information
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Configuring and troubleshooting Netopia DLS routers
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Configuring and troubleshooting Westell DLS routers
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Configuring and troubleshooting Zoom DSL routers