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Setting up Email on an iPhone

*Notice: this article was created for your convenience. We do not support mobile devices.*

Below are the instructions on how to setup your email on your iPhone. These instructions were made based on iOS9 for iPhone.

To start, click on the Settings icon on your home screen

Now you will need to scroll down the menu until you find "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" and tap on that.

Now you will need to tap on "Add Account"

Now you will need to tap on "Other"

Now you will need to tap on "Add Mail Account"

On this next screen you will need to fill in the blanks. Enter your name in the Name box, your full email address in the Email box, enter your password in the Password box, and then give your email a nickname in the Description box. Then tap "Next".

Now you will need to fill in the Incoming Mail Server boxes and Outgoing Mail server boxes just as you see below. The only exception is you will need to enter your own email address and password in the Username box and Password box. *The Outgoing Username and Password are REQUIRED if you want to be able to send email.*

The next and final step is to tap "Save" and then you are done.

Congratulations, you've successfully setup your email to send and receive on your iPhone!

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