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Weather and Interference Effects on DSL


In some areas rain and other weather can cause DSL service to degrade or cease working. In these circumstances, water may get into the lines, demarcation box, or pedestal, causing service disruption or degradation. After the weather has passed and moisture has dried up the service returns or functions normally. You will want to contact us, so we can work with Qwest to have this problem corrected.


DSL runs between 26 kHz to 1.1 MHz, so any services or devices inside or near the house that uses that range can cause problems.

The most common item in this range is AM radio; if the phone lines are not properly grounded it will cause some connection problems. This most commonly occurs at dusk when the stations change modulation.

Another common household items that run in the same range are cordless phones, so you may want to keep them away from the equipment and just recently we found that unshielded subwoofers or speakers can cause connection problems if the phone cord is near or running under the equipment.

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