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How to program the username / password into the Actiontec via telnet

How to program the username / password into the Actiontec via telnet

Step One: telnet

open command prompt and type telnet depending on windows version it'll either be in the command prompt or open a different terminal window

Step Two: show transports

You need to show the transports in order to know what the modem is calling the ppp connection. To do this, type:

--> pppoa list transport

It should come back with something like this:

PPP transports:

ID | Name | Port | Vci | Vpi


1 | wan_xport | wan_port | 32 | 0


Now we know the ppp transport we're working with is called wan_xport and it's number 1. The number or the name will work when we're playing with it. To see what's configured, now type:

--> pppoa show transport 1

You'll get something like this:

PPP Transport: wan_xport

Description : wan_xport

Summary : open for IP, sent 4618, received 4834

Server : false

Headers: learn SVC:

Local Ip : N/A

Subnet Mask :

Remote Ip : N/A

Remote DNS : N/A

Give DNSto Client : true

Give DNSto Relay : true

Create Route : true

Specific Route : false

Route Mask :

Dialout Username :

Dialout Password : SLtrng32

Dialout Auth : chap

Dialin Auth : none

Lcp Max Configure : 10

Lcp Max Failure : 5

Lcp Max Terminate : 2

Lcp Echo Every : 30

Port : wan_port

Rx Vpi : N/A

Rx Vci : 32

Class : UBR

Burst Tolerance : N/A

Sustainable Cell Rate : N/A



By this we can see that is the username that's programmed in and the password. but if the modem isn't programmed yet it will probably be blank (I don't know for sure about that one; I'm assuming.)

To set the ppp username we use this command, remember the transport ID can be either the number or the name, I used the number in this example:

--> pppoa set transport 1 username

same thing for the password

--> pppoa set transport 1 password SLtrng45

You should get a reply back from the dhcp server:

dhcpserver: Reset request acknowledged. Reset imminent.

No reset or powercycle on the modem is required, it's now programmed.

Takes a couple minutes to hit the gateway but they should be able to browse after this...(in theory).

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