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article Cannot Send E-Mail
Problem: You can receive mail, but cannot send any mail. Perhaps it keeps asking you for a password over and over ("Please enter your user name and password for the following...

  February 17, 2006    Views: 17728   
article If Your DSL Connection Goes Down
Please follow this procedure if your DSL connection goes down: Physically unplug the power cord to your DSL router; e.g. Actiontec, Zoom. If you have any router, hub or firewall unplug the...

  August 30, 2004    Views: 40187   
article Preventing Spyware Problems
A little bit of prevention can save you hours of nightmarish work trying to recover from a spyware disaster. Spyware can wreak total havoc on your computer on your computer! Please take the...

  February 2, 2005    Views: 20835   
article Computer is Slow or Numerous Windows Pop Up
Is your computer suffering from any of the following symptoms? Your internet connection is unusually slow. An objectionable website takes over your browser.Lots of pop-up ads all...

  April 20, 2004    Views: 18444   
article Spam Filter Introduction
The Visionary Spam Filter is an adjustable filter which is highly customizable. If you are receiving spam message in your inbox please adjust the Spam Filter to be more aggressive. To do this...

  March 5, 2007    Views: 12875   
article Howie Filter Slider
To adjust the Howie Filter "Slider" please refer the following instructions:1. Log into the site by visiting, and login with your e-mail address and password.2. Click...

  March 13, 2007    Views: 11818   


category Getting Started: Dial-Up (13)
Just signed up for a new Visionary account? This is how to set up your computer to dial into the internet.
category Broadband (48)
High Speed Internet connection via DSL or Wireless
category Dial-Up (34)
Using modems over standard telephone lines
category Email (117)
Sending or receiving Internet email
category General Internet (17)
Internet Definitions, Terms, and Topics
category Internet Browsers (35)
E.g., Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera
category Networking (15)
DNS, IP settings, Windows Networking, etc.
category Operating Systems (43)
Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc., as used by Visionary customers
category Parental Control (2)
Suggestions to keep harmful websites at bay
category Security and PGP (13)
Devoted to disseminating good security practices
category Services (12)
Spam & Virus Filters, Howie Cruise web accelerator, Web page content filter, Howie Hold internet answering machine, and more
category Spyware (23)
Identifying and dealing with spyware or adware.
category Virus Information (7)
Information regarding virus protection, removal, and links to antivirus references.
category Visionary Support Tools CD (3)
*Discontinuted Support* Spyware Removal Software, Update Software, Maintance Software, and Other Utilities
category Voice Service (7)
VoIP documentation, guides and troubleshooting information
category Web Hosting (5)
Managing your Visionary hosted web site.
category WiFi (18)
internal wireless networks

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article Migrating a Wordpress site to HTTPS
After installing an SSL certificate on your site to amp up your security, you may notice your images suddenly don’t display at all. Don’t panic – just read on for a suggested fix.When you...

(No rating)  March 1, 2017    Views: 268   
article Forcing HTTPS and/or WWW
Redirect HTTP to HTTPS automaticallyIf you have a secure certificate (SSL) on your website, you can automatically redirect visitors to the secured (HTTPS) version of your website to make sure their...

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article No Connectivity After Windows Update
Click the Start button (the Windows flag)Start typing out "command prompt", and the Command Prompt application should appearRight click Command Prompt and click Run As AdministratorA...

  December 8, 2016    Views: 466   
article VCN Mail Client Configuration
Setting up your EmailWhen setting up a mail client on your own computer, you may be asked to fill in some details about your email account. Below are some of the details, which may be asked. Simply...

  February 17, 2016    Views: 3814   
article Setting up Email on an iPhone
*Notice: this article was created for your convenience. We do not support mobile devices.*Below are the instructions on how to setup your email on your iPhone. These instructions were made based...

  September 17, 2015    Views: 3533   

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article How to remove Movieland
Problem:Movieland has gotten onto your computer. It takes over the whole screen and probably has a girl talking to you.Movieland may have been installed on your computer following a visit by you...

  December 14, 2005    Views: 258611   
article How Do I Tell What Version of Windows I Have?
Problem: You don't know which version of Windows you have.Solution: Right-click (with the right-hand mouse button) on My Computer. Click on Properties. A box will open up telling you what...

  July 26, 2005    Views: 223210   
article Error Number 0x80042108
Problem:Your e-mail program gives you error number 0x80042108. The error box may say:"Outlook is unable to connect to your incoming (POP3) e-mail server. If you continue to receive this...

  March 30, 2005    Views: 113388   
article Who is Mailer Daemon and why is he sending me e-mail?
Did you get a message from Mail Delivery System<>, or System Administrator, saying something about the message failing? Possibly the Subject says something...

  February 27, 2006    Views: 104152   
article Cannot View Secure Web Sites (https:)
If you cannot view or access secure web pages (those beginningwith an https:// URL) you may experience an of these symptoms: You cannot get into hotmail and yahoo email accounts. Cannot...

  June 24, 2004    Views: 102497