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About T1s
T1s Explained A T1 is a connection commonly used for business data and voice services. T1s are rock-solid and a widely-used standard that are consistently used across all phone companies. T1s offer speeds of 1.544Mbps/1.544Mbps per line, and can be bonded up to eight times to achieve a 12Mbps/12Mbps connection to your business.

T1s are typically used when Metro Ethernet and fiber-based services are not available, when a business is located quite a distance from downtown or when it is required as part of a multiple location network.

Visionary leases T1s from various carriers to offer our customers a nationwide T1 service. We have the experience and the resources to create both Internet and private T1 networks for our business customers. Visionary has equipment to power T1s as DIA (Internet), MLPPP (bonded), MPLS, Point to Point (TDM), ATM and even Frame Relay T1s.

Our T1s come with a high amount of troubleshooting available with Visionary able to test the T1 at our mux or switch, test the T1 to the jack on site and test the T1 to the router on site. We monitor each T1 for traffic patterns and also have a system to notify us if a T1s status has changed.

Plan Install Price / Mo
 1.5Mbps/1.5Mbps, 2 year $345.00  $345.00 

1 year and 3 year available upon request

Price based on any Qwest Central Office in their 14 state region. T1s with other phone companies may vary in price.

T1 Requirements
T1s require a router with an integrated Channel Service Unit (CSU) is required to power the T1 at your location. Visionary can provide this equipment to your business as a purchase or a monthly lease. We will also support use of an industry-standard router if you wish to provision the router yourself.

Multiple Locations
A Visionary sales engineer will consult with your IT staff to arrive at the best solution for your business. We have a lengthy experience with Wide Area Networks (WANs) and can work with you and your staff to find the best solution possible. Visionary has the ability to combine T1s, Metro Ethernet, fiber circuits and other ATM and TDM services into a single private network.