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About DSL
What is DSL? Digital Subscriber Line, or DSL, is an Internet connection that uses phone lines to transmit data. In many cases, we can provision DSL with or without existing phone service. There are many varieties of DSL, but in general speeds over DSL are determined by distance and line quality from the aggregation point. DSL is Asynchronous, which results in a faster download speed than upload speed. Visionary offers several different DSL packages to meet your needs with speeds from 1.5Mbps/1Mbps to a blazing fast 40Mbps/5Mbps. Once connected through a DSL Modem, you can use your connection for everything from surfing the web and emailing, to steaming video and data transfers. We also offer WiFi enabled modems that also allow you to create your own wireless network for the ultimate in mobility.

DSL Illustration
DSL Packages
Plan Price / Mo
 ADSL 1.5
 As fast as 7Mbps/1Mbps
 XDSL 15
 As fast as 15Mbps/2Mbps
 XDSL 25
 As fast as 25Mbps/5Mbps
 XDSL 40
 As fast as 40Mbps/5Mbps
 Line Share
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Pricing reflects a 36 Month term, additional term options and rates are available. A dedicated phone line is included in our standard pricing, however the Line Share Discount applies when adding DSL to an existing qualified phone line. With DSL, you can still talk and use the Internet at the same time! All DSL Packages are not available in all areas, and are subject to pre-qualification. Actual speeds will vary depending on line conditions. New DSL orders require a one-time $50 activation fee. Charges apply for static IPs (used when you have a server, firewall, or router behind the DSL modem), depending on your package.
DSL Modem Included
Visionary will provide a single port DSL Modem as part of your monthly service. WiFi enabled modems with 4 Ethernet ports are available for an additional fee of only $6/Month. Visionary wants to ensure your DSL service is always performing at its best. If we determine your modem needs to be replaced at any time during your service term, we will replace it for free!
Benefits of DSL
  • Always connected, always on
  • Does not tie up a phone line
  • Can be used for multiple computers
  • Fast download speeds
  • Provides security by using a router
What if I Don't Qualify?
Of the many tools that exist to qualify your line for DSL, none are entirely accurate. In many situations, these tools report that you cannot get DSL when your location qualifies. We double-check all orders once received to ensure you qualify at your location. If you have had trouble ordering DSL in the past, ask us for a thorough test
Got DSL Questions?
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