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DSL from $59.95 /mo
DSL is provided over a phone line and can provide speeds of 15Mbps and higher. Don't have a phone line? That's okay! We can provide you with Standalone DSL. We also offer synchronous DSL services at speeds faster than a T1.
Wireless from $89.95 /mo
Wireless uses microwave radios to provide you with a Broadband Internet connection. Our Wireless Internet is constantly being upgraded to ensure you receive the best connection possible. Standard packages offer between 10Mbps and 50Mbps speeds. Custom wireless solutions are available upon request.
Metro Ethernet from $199.95 /mo
Metro Ethernet is a service providing Ethernet connectivity over fiber or copper infrastructure, at speeds from 5Mbps/5Mbps to 1Gbps/1Gbps. We use our assets within Central Offices to deliver this Metro-class service. Metro Ethernet can be used for Internet or connectivity between two offices.
T1s from $345.00 /mo
T1s are a mainstay of business Internet connectivity. T1s can be delivered to areas without access to DSL or Metro Ethernet, and can be bonded together to achieve speeds up to 12Mbps/12Mbps. T1s are commonly used to connect multiple offices together privately as part of a larger network.
Hosting from $109.00 /yr
Hosting a reliable web site requires someone reliable to be your host. With a number of redundant data centers to choose from, we provide exactly that. We offer several hosting solutions including personal, small business and corporate packages, server collocation, server leasing and email hosting.
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