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Setting up email on a Verizon iPhone

*Notice: this article was created for your convenience. We do not support mobile devices.*

Setting up a Email Address on iPhone (iOS6 was used in this tutorial)

At the home screen, find "Settings".

Select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars".

If you haven't already set an account up, select "Add Account".

Choose "Other".

Choose "Add Mail Account".

Enter in your information, just like the example. Then click "Next"

Fill out your information just like the example.
Use and, this isn't optional for Verizon.
When finished, select "Next".

If verification fails, you will need to recheck your email address and password.

Select "Save".

You're done.

To test the account, feel free to send a message to "" and you'll get an autoreply message back if it worked.

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